Dental Emergencies

Oral Pain? Lost Teeth? Call Our Willow Glen & San Jose Emergency Dentist Now!

Willow Glen Family Dentist addresses dental emergencies near Willow Glen and all of San Jose. We help families in all surrounding communities get the prompt care they need when tooth loss and oral discomfort occur. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call now to get ahold of our dental team.


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What Counts as an Emergency?

Immediate treatment during an emergency dental situation is often the difference between saving a tooth and losing it permanently. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the extent of their need because the pain doesn’t always match the severity of the situation.

Make no mistake: if your tooth hurts suddenly, regardless of how badly it does, you are experiencing a dental emergency. You should call our San Jose dentist immediately to discuss your emergency case. Once all your questions are answered, Dr. John Vu determines the best course of dental care.

What Causes Dental Emergencies?

There are several different types of dental emergencies we treat at our Willow Glen office:

Advanced Tooth Decay

Decay is a gradual process, so many patients do not notice the development of a cavity until it has reached the innermost layer of the tooth. At that point, sharp pain may happen while chewing.

Cracked Tooth

A tooth can crack as a result of injury, exposing the interior tooth structures. This opening makes the tooth sensitive to hot or cold food or any pressure. If left untreated, the crack will allow oral bacteria to enter the tooth and cause advanced tooth decay.  

Knocked Out Teeth

It is possible to have a tooth knocked out of the smile without having it break. An avulsed tooth can be successfully replanted into the smile if its roots are not touched and the patient sees the dentist immediately.

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Willow Glen Family Dentist helps patients through dental emergencies in San Jose. For urgent dental care, call us today.

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